Align Leadership Teams With Our Healthcare Coaching Accelerators

Your leaders and staff say behaviors are happening...what do your results tell you?

Studer Group® offers a software suite that aligns directly to our evidence-based framework. Our software accelerators are designed to help organizations get to breakthrough performance faster. In an era of transparency, higher accountability, and visibility, these solutions help healthcare organizations drive consistency. Coupled with Studer Group coaching, this suite of accelerators move the needle for lasting, positive change.

The Physician Performance App combines our results driven feedback coaching with metric alignment software to improve clinical and operational performance.

The Leader Evaluation Manager® aligns individual leaders and resources to an organization's goals.

Patient Call Manager: The Clinical Call SystemTM, represents the next generation of systems designed to provide quality touch points along a patient's continuum of care, both before and after we care for them within our four walls.

Huron Rounding® aligns to the organization's rounding goals and objectives. Our coaching process, when implemented alongside Huron Rounding, accelerates and improves the impact of this Must Have® process.

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