High Reliability Strategies and Solutions

High Reliability Programs and Solutions

The relentless pursuit of “zero harm” through predictable, error-free operation

Studer Group and Huron partner with organizations to achieve better transparency, accountability, and execution. Working side-by-side, we help to establish, accelerate, and hardwire the necessary changes that are required to create a culture of high reliability. We developed High Reliability Organization (HRO) programs and solutions to help organizations better execute, measure and improve HRO tactics, with support from HRO experts and technology solutions.

High-performing facilities that have a goal of zero harm and high reliability operations must differentiate themselves to keep their competitive edge. Our experts will work side-by-side to help you plan, execute, measure and continuously improve your HRO strategy.

The High Reliability Strategy and Coaching Program can help facilities realize less variability through improved standardization. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, the HRO coaching and engagement team prepares and helps execute a customized work plan that details the principles and tactics needed to achieve and sustain agreed upon outcomes.

The HRO Premium Subscription package is your link to best practices that have been harvested, tested, and refined from hundreds of healthcare organizations. Our programs and content are continuously developed using a network of exceptional organizations to create videos, training tools, and articles that will help you achieve high reliability results.

HRO Strategy and Coaching Program

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High Reliability Strategy Workshops

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