Organizational Risk and Readiness Assessment

In 2009, Studer Group developed an assessment that allows healthcare executives to diagnose problems their organization faces, and then provided practical, usable solutions. The survey was called The Straight A Leadership Assessment and it allowed leaders to accurately identify organizational strengths and areas where there are gaps. Results were then used to arm leaders with the information necessary to make immediate improvements. Given the ever-changing nature of today's external environment, we've updated the survey to include relevant topics that healthcare organizations are facing daily and developed the Organizational Risk and Readiness Assessment.

Why an Assessment?

We are firm believers in diagnosing before treating, and the Organizational Risk and Readiness Assessment (ORRA) can accurately identify an organization's strengths and opportunities, and allows leaders to benchmark results against our analysis of hundreds of thousands of survey responses. Leaders gain better understanding of things like cultural attributes, consistency among leaders, and an organization's readiness for change. It also provides an organization with data on how leaders perceive alignment, action, accountability and agility - four fundamental areas.

Benefits of the Organizational Risk and Readiness Assessment

After the assessment is complete, we work with senior leaders to define necessary changes, manage resistance to change, build communication plans and develop or reinforce a strategy to sustain results. Organizations we've worked with have improved leadership fundamentals, alignment, consistency, self-awareness, accountability and readiness for change.

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