Quality Healthcare Improvements that Make a Difference

We at Studer Group are focused on achieving and sustaining exceptional clinical, operational and financial outcomes for partner organizations. We define partnerships as those organizations for which we provide coaching services. We help organizations hardwire the leadership foundation as well as the tactics proven to move patient experience and quality outcomes. Our goal is to instill a high-reliability culture so that patients will consistently enjoy a safe and positive hospital stay. Furthermore, our goal is to move outcomes quickly.

Difference Makers

When organizations we coach achieve and sustain exceptional results, we like to highlight them for others to benchmark their successes. Studer Group's Healthcare Organization of the Month highlights an Evidence-Based Leadership organization and a Rural organization that we coach who are improving results and sustaining them over time. We also recognize an International Healthcare Organization of Distinction, to share how our international partners in Canada and Australia are also achieving success. We invite you to visit our Difference Makers page to read about these high-performing organizations.

Engagement of Leaders, Clinicians, Patients and Employees

Market forces are converging to create urgency for engagement. Engagement is the human dimension of performance improvement, and it is how healthcare organizations can deliver on our mandate to provide higher quality at a lower cost. Learn more about why engagement is the driving force behind transforming healthcare for all stakeholder - leaders, clinicians, employees, and patients, and what healthcare leaders can do now to start building cultures of high engagement at their organizations.

Value-Based Purchasing

As organizations face ever-greater quality demands, such as Value-Based Purchasing, core measures, preventable readmissions, CAHPS surveys, including HCAHPS, ED CAHPS and CG CAHPS, hospital-acquired conditions, and more, they engage us to help them create cultures of execution and accountability.

Our Value-Based Purchasing resource page includes "at-a-glances" for Fiscal Years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as one-sheeters for quick referencing. We also offer webinars, insights, articles and tools to provide additional learning and the tools and tactics that can help make the biggest impact.

CAHPS Surveys

Organizations coached by Studer Group outperform the nation by an average of 24 percentile points across HCAHPS measures and outpace them in improvements at a speed nearly fifty percent faster than the nation. That means, according to patients' perception of care that the quality of care in America is getting better. Not only do the results continue to get better and better, but organizations are able to sustain them over time.

Studer Group® can help those we coach improve in all CAHPS results just as we currently help them outperform and outpace the nation on HCAHPS. Our CAHPS Surveys page provides an overview of CAHPS, as well as the latest information on ED CAHPS and CG CAHPS, as those are the latest surveys that will significantly impact reimbursement.

Working together, we can begin to transform your organization and be better prepared for the implementation of the CAHPS survey. We know you have a passion to make a difference, and if you are ready to act, we have the tools to help prepare for CAHPS today. Visit our Value-Based Purchasing Page and CG CAHPS Page to learn more.

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