Self Regional Healthcare

  • Location: Greenwood, SC
  • Award: Evidence-Based Leadership Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: September 2007

Self Regional Healthcare is excited to be Studer Group's winner of the Fire Starter of the Month Award for September, 2007. A 421-bed facility located in Greenwood, South Carolina, Self Regional serves more than 250,000 persons in a seven-county region. Starting with a handpicked medical staff in 1951 to the evolution into a regional medical center, Self Regional's focus has always been on quality healthcare.

In November 2005, the CEO and COO, along with key members of the administrative team, launched a journey of service excellence. Through renewed commitment, dedicated leadership, and employee involvement in service excellence teams, Self Regional Healthcare has seen many positive results including improved employee, physician, and patient satisfaction.

Self Regional Healthcare is proud to be at the forefront of service excellence. Much of our success is due to the Studer Nine Principles roadmap. There is a renewed emphasis on leadership development. Quarterly off-site leadership educational sessions are held, and employee forums are also conducted quarterly in an effort to improve communication throughout our 2,300 employee organization. The 5 pillars- People, Service, Quality, Growth, and Finances- provide a foundation which aligns our goals, behaviors, and processes.

People Pillar: To achieve high patient, physician, and employee satisfaction, Service Excellence teams were formed. These teams are comprised of staff, whose focus is to celebrate achievements, honor outstanding employees and physicians, and ensure patients receive very good care. Self Regional Healthcare measures employee satisfaction through the Gallup survey. This survey has continued to show significant improvements each year. Other steps to achieve high satisfaction include:

  • Rewards and recognition to include employees of the month and celebration socials for our "wins"
  • Physician of the quarter award
  • Communication boards strategically placed throughout our organization
  • Bi-monthly newsletter by pillars
  • Birthday and employment anniversary recognition
  • Employee established Standards of Behavior

Service Pillar: Patient satisfaction is measured by Press Ganey Associates Inc. Self Regional Healthcare has scored in the top nine percent for the past three quarters in inpatient satisfaction and scored in the top one percent in the last quarter. Outpatient and emergency department scores continue to show improvement as service excellence teams develop initiatives aimed at enhancing the patient experience. Service improvements include:

  • Hourly rounding
  • Individualized patient care
  • Strive for Five Campaign
  • Televisions in outpatient waiting rooms
  • On demand movies available for inpatient and outpatient viewing
  • Pre-procedure and Discharge phone calls
  • Wireless internet access
  • Care Pages
  • Biographical cards on outpatient rehab staff
  • Service Recovery

Quality Pillar: Significant improvements have been observed in the past year, with a number of CMS/Core quality measures favorable to the current national top decile performance. Additionally, Self Regional Healthcare participated in many improvements related to the intervention projects recommended by IHI- Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Quality initiatives include:

  • Implementation of Rapid Response Team
  • Central Line Bundle
  • Ventilator Bundle
  • Reduction of safety ratio
  • Healthgrades 5 Star Rated Vascular program with ranked in the top 5% in the nation
  • Healthgrades 5 Star Rated Neurosurgery program rated in the top 5% in the nation for spinal surgeries.
  • ISO certification achieved in many hospital departments
  • Minimal Lift Program implemented to clinical staff 2007

Growth Pillar: Self Regional Healthcare opened a new patient tower in July, 2006. While the facility is shiny and new and houses the latest technology inside, the hospitals vision remains consistent – "Through our exceptional physicians, inspired staff, and innovative technologies, we will be the leading provider of advanced healthcare services for all communities that we serve." Future growth includes:

  • Expansion of cardiac services
  • Renovation and expansion of the Cancer Center
  • Opening of the new Wound Healing Institute including Hyperbaric Oxygen Services
  • Additional renovations throughout the original facility

Financial Pillar: Self Regional Healthcare remains a sound financial organization performing above internal goals and benchmark standards

As we continue our journey, we realize sustained success depends on hardwiring the principles of excellence and igniting the passion of every employee at SRH. We must remain dedicated to purposeful, worthwhile work, and making a difference in the lives of our patients

I am focused, I am committed, I am SELF!

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