The Urology Center of Colorado

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Award: Medical Group of the Quarter
  • Awarded: May 2019

The Urology Center of Colorado, P.C. (TUCC) is a privately owned physician practice in the heart of Denver, Colorado. We are a single specialty practice providing comprehensive urologic care to patients throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. TUCC is the result of two long standing independent urology practices coming together in 2006 to provide a more comprehensive approach to outpatient urology. We are currently comprised of 17 urologists, 1 radiation oncologist, 2 nurse practitioners, 3 physician assistants and 130 employees all at one location. At the same location we also have The Urology Surgery Center of Colorado, a joint venture partnership with HCA/HealthONE providing seamless outpatient urologic surgical care.

In 2016 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary as TUCC. We were excited about the accomplishments and success we had experienced in those 10 years. We had built TUCC from the ground up and felt we were offering state-of-the-art, top notch urologic care. We had fulfilled our vision of providing this care in a "one stop shop" environment and we were meeting our mission of Excellence in Urology.

We knew that we could either rest on our laurels and continue in the same manner for the next 10 years and hope to have the same outcomes or we could stop and assess our strengths and weaknesses, and find those areas where we could improve. After an introduction to Studer Group through a recommendation to read Hardwiring Excellence we found there were things we could be doing differently. First and foremost, we wanted to honestly assess our culture and how we could improve and strengthen the foundation of the practice. This was not an easy thing to face. Like many other healthcare facilities, we had higher than desired turnover, low employee engagement, lack of trust and respect of leadership and a silo mentality through the organization.

In 2017 we entered into a 3 year partnership with Studer Group. We focused our efforts on Evidence-Based Leadership which helped leaders begin to understand the importance of hardwiring processes that would enable us to improve our overall culture. We learned that if we could create a more engaged workforce and develop a more positive workplace we could improve our overall culture and allow us to become a work place of choice.

Through the tools that Studer Group provided, we have seen a significant decrease in turnover. We decreased voluntary turnover from 28% in 2016; to 25% in 2017; and 23% in 2018. Involuntary turnover was 9% in 2016; 8% in 2017; and 5% in 2018. We have accomplished this through better hiring decisions, better retention efforts, the development of a strong vision and an employee developed Standards of Behavior. In fact, our percentage of highly engaged and engaged staff increased from 65% in 2016 to 77% in 2017. Unfortunately we were not able to conduct the employee engagement survey in 2018 due to technical difficulties but we are anxious to see results in mid-year 2019.

Overall we believe that we are on a journey - a journey we call Code3 - the Culture of Delivering Excellence - Excellence at Every Encounter. On this journey, we continue to look inwards at our organization for positive and continued improvement. We feel that Studer Group is the partner that will help us on this journey.

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