Healthcare Organizations Success Videos

The Current State of Engagement

Only 30% of American employees are engaged in their job today. The percent of patients engaged in their care is even less. During this 7-minute video, Craig Deao, Studer Group Senior Leader and Speaker, provides insight into the current state of engagement.

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The Engagement Model

We find that in order for an organization to be fully engaged, it requires all stakeholders – leaders, physicians, employees and patients to be involved. The Engagement Model explains the key role each individual plays. Watch as Craig Deao, Studer Group Senior Leader and Speaker, walks through the model.

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What is Engagement?

We know there is a difference between engagement and satisfaction. But what does engagement really look like? Craig Deao, Studer Group Senior Leader and Speaker, provides a high level overview of the definition of engagement in this 3-minute video.

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Patient Engagement vs. Patient Satisfaction and Experience

Patient engagement is not the same as patient satisfaction. A patient can be satisfied because they are discharged from the hospital but they may not be engaged in taking greater responsibility for their health. Watch as Craig Deao, Studer Group Senior Leader and Speaker, explains the evolution from satisfaction to experience to engagement.

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Why Does Engagement Matter?

Only 30% of Americans are engaged in their job. This can lead to significant issues for healthcare organizations. In this 7:30 minute video, Craig Deao, Studer Group Senior Leader and Speaker, addresses the business and quality case for why engagement matters.

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Emergency Department Success

Watch this short video to learn how leaders at Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center transformed the emergency department and decreased their left without being seen (LWBS) rate by 15-percent.

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Preparing for the Future of Healthcare

Watch as Gayle Hansen, COO at Mayo Clinic Health System, Southwest Minnesota Region, shares the steps Mayo is taking to prepare for the future of healthcare.

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6 Tips from Leading CNOs on How to Manage Change

Watch this short video as high-performing CNO’s share six tips on what’s working well when it comes to managing change.

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Cultural Transformation│Mary Lanning Healthcare

Hear from CEO Eric Barber to discover how Mary Lanning Healthcare was able to achieve the alignment necessary to increase net revenue, surgical volume, ER visits and other variable that positively impacted their financial health.

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Creating a Culture of Excellence│UW Medicine

Discover how UW Medicine achieved success as they built their system – engaging employees/reducing turnover, reducing hospital-acquired conditions, sustaining over 90th percentile in patient satisfaction, and making an $8-million improvement.

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Achieving Pillar Success│Henry County Hospital

Watch this video to hear Kim Bordenkircher, CEO, discuss her organization’s journey in developing leaders, improving patient care and aligning her organization to achieve success in all pillars from service and quality to finance, community and growth.
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Rural Hospital Success│Dale Medical Center

Learn how this rural hospital CEO achieved a $1 million turnaround, increased HCAHPS metrics by 65 percentile points and decreased turnover by 17 percent.

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