Top Resources and Articles of 2017

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  • Release Date: December 6, 2017

At Studer Group we strive to be an intellectual resource for healthcare professionals by providing relevant, timely content on the topics that matter most to you.

So, what interested your peers and colleagues the most in 2017? 

Popular Resources

Mind the (Generation) Gap: How Stereotyping Hinders Engagement

Stop singling out "millennials" and start rounding for outcomes if you want to engage every demographic within your workforce.

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Are you Ready for a Chief Experience Officer?

Debbie Landers, a former CXO and the current product and innovation leader at Studer Group, shares 10 commitments C-Suite leaders must make before successfully adding a CXO role to the organization.

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The Joint Commission and Studer Group: Partners in Cultural Transformation

Recognizing that their reputation could be a barrier, The Joint Commission changed its approach so customers would be open to their feedback, education and best practices.

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Own Your Resilience

Working in healthcare is rewarding, but it takes a toll on our emotional and physical well-being. Kris Ann Piazza, a survivor in every sense of the word, shares how healthcare professionals can make resilience a habit.

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Patient Experience 2.0: Why Nice is Not Enough

Patient experience is not about satisfaction, it's about the consistency of the patient's care delivery experience.

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Huddle Up: How Frontline Shift Huddles Lead to High Reliability

There's no magic bullet to becoming a high reliability organization, but well-executed shift huddles are a must-have tactic.

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How to Engage Patients with Effective Communication

By communicating empathy and competence to our patients, we can decrease their anxiety and increase their commitment, further enrolling them in their care.

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Patient Feedback vs. Survey Results: Diagnose the Disconnect with Actionable Data

Do your patients say nice things when you round on them, but your CAHPS surveys tell a different story?

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Turning the Tables on High Turnover with Peer Interviewing

St. David's Georgetown Hospital had a problem with high turnover for new employees. By hardwiring peer interviewing, they reduced their turnover rates from more than 20 percent to less than 10 percent.

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It's Not Just about Discharge: The other Transitions of Care

While it is important that the discharge process is done right, there are other transitions of care our patients face that require diligence to ensure we give our patients what they need.

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Is Engagement Hardwired into Your Organization's DNA?

Industry dynamics and market forces are combining to create an unprecedented level of change, and they each signal new urgency for a culture of high engagement.

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