Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience

  • Publication: The Beryl Institute
  • Release Date: July 27, 2018

What extent does patient experience matter to healthcare consumers? That’s the question The Beryl Institute sought to answer when deploying the Consumer Study on Patient Experience in early 2018. The survey, sponsored by Studer Group, engaged more than 2,000 respondents from five countries representing four continents. It asked individuals for their viewpoint on patient experience and how it fits into their broader set of expectations around health and healthcare delivery.

According to the research:

  • Consumers confirm patient experience extremely important to them overall
  • Far greater similarities than differences in consumer perspective both globally and generationally
  • Patient experience is personal and connected to how people view their health outcomes overall
  • Consumers affirm human interactions most important to them in assessing patient experience, followed by processes and then place
  • Of greatest importance to consumers is how they are connected with as human beings with a focus on listening, communicating clearly and being treated with dignity and respect
  • Consumers confirm they see experience as the integration of all they encounter in healthcare from quality and safety to service, cost and more
  • People easily recall their healthcare experiences, especially those positive in nature, and the top thing they do, for both positive and negative encounters, is tell others
  • Patient Experience is significant to the healthcare decisions of consumers
  • Recommendations and referrals far outweigh everything else in making health decisions and choices

The fundamental implication found in this study is that experience may very well be the engine of healthcare success now and into the future. The consumers’ perspective on patient experience offers not only validity to many of the core assumptions of the experience effort in healthcare, but also reveals a path for prioritizing action, ensuring focus and moving forward with intention.

Watch this complimentary, on-demand webinar to learn the full findings of the study. You can also download a complimentary report on The Beryl Institute’s website. If you would like to discuss the findings of this study, please email Partnerships@StuderGroup.com.

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