Resources for Leading Others Through Crisis

  • Publication: Huron | Studer Group
  • Release Date: April 8, 2020

Healthcare’s most valuable resource has always been its people. Those who choose careers in healthcare bring both technical skills and a passion for helping others to their work. This passion and dedication displayed by healthcare professionals is never more evident than during a crisis.

Leading others through crisis requires helping them sustain their compassion and build a deep resilience to withstand the challenges ahead. By alleviating fears and demonstrating compassion, leaders can inspire their teams to overcome challenges together.

Huron | Studer Group has assembled resources that include tips, guidelines and inspiration for how leaders can continue to help their teams during crisis and beyond. We encourage you to connect with us if you need immediate assistance.

Healthcare Heroes Webinars

Healthcare Heroes: Best Practices for Surviving Stress and Growing Through Trauma
In this recorded webinar, resilience experts Gary Simonds, M.D. and Wayne Sotile, Ph.D. share how to manage the emotional and psychological fallout of a crisis while growing personally and professionally.

Healthcare Workers: In Times of Great Stress, Resilience Fundamentals Can Save Us
Build a resilience tool kit to help you manage your energy and protect your well-being.


The Working Environment for Nurses: The New Normal
The new normal for nurses is not so new. Hear Rich Bluni, RN, share practical ways nurses can adjust to their new working environment during crisis and beyond.

Physician Burnout

Burnout Resilience

Learn three proven approaches to creating resilience and reducing burnout during times of high stress.

Med Group COVID-19 Key Words at Key Times

Understand ways to communicate clearly with patients to facilitate understanding, improve outcomes and reduce anxiety amid uncertainty.

Virtual Care

Provider-Patient Virtual Visit Preparedness

Learn leading practices to enrich provider-patient interactions using telehealth and virtual modes of communication.

Telehealth: Opener and Framing a Visit(Routine PC)

Telehealth: Opener and Framing a Visit – COVID-19 Screen

Telehealth: Listening and Paraphrasing

Telehealth: Compassion and Empathy

Telehealth: Closer and Reassurance

Telehealth: Addressing Changing Treatment Guidance and Unknowns – COVID-19

Communications and Leadership

Leadership: Four Timeless Leadership Principles to Connect With People in Crisis

In times of high stress, providing frequent, clear, consistent communication about priority actions and information from the top down is critical to keep teams focused. Apply these tactics to maintain clear, consistent communication with your team during COVID-19.

Communications: Communicating in Times of High Stress — Key Tactics for Leader Communication With Employees

Communications: Communicating in Times of High Stress — Key Tactics for Employee Communications With Patients and Families

Communications: Communicating in Times of High Stress — Care Transition/Post-Discharge Communication With Patients

In times of high stress, providing consistent, thoughtful responses to tough questions is essential to keep teams focused on critical items and prevent harmful rumors. In order to create these consistent, thoughtful responses, leaders must engage with each other in advance on understanding tough questions that may be posed and determine what the appropriate messages are to be shared with employees. This exercise provides a framework for leaders to review tough questions and create a thoughtful response. If needed, leaders may also use this framework “on the fly” when a tough question is posed initially to aid in establishing the best possible answer in the moment. This framework includes three key components in framing your response:

  • What questions should you ask to further understand the employee’s question?
  • What is the underlying issue or issues?
  • What is your best response to the employee’s question or issue?

Communications: Communicating in Times of High Stress — Answering Tough Questions: A Practice Exercise to Prepare
The exercise will guide you on setting up a forum for leaders to use this framework to plan for tough questions, and walk you through an example of how this framework can be used in an example tough question.

Communications: There Are No “Just As” in Healthcare
An inspiring message from Rich Bluni, R.N., on the unique importance each and every member of a healthcare organization has on patient care.

Leadership: Optimizing Daily Safety Huddles
Optimize resources and processes to keep patients and staff safe with daily leadership safety huddles.

Leadership: Change Management and Leadership During Times of Uncertainty
Mobilize your teams to navigate uncertainty with an intentional change management strategy.

Huron Rounding
Standardize, automate and track rounding activity in your healthcare organization.

Case Study: UCLA Health Faculty Practice GroupResources to Help Healthcare Organizations Navigate COVID-19 Business Disruption
Huron has assembled the educational resources you need to address the most pressing challenges your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more



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