Three Ways to Hire the Right Employee

  • Publication: Becker's Hospital Review
  • Release Date: December 9, 2016

Employee turnover can cost organizations millions of dollars per year. When you consider the other costs of turnover such as loss of productivity and safety, the impact becomes even more serious. Craig Deao, Studer Group senior leader and author of the new book, “The E-Factor Factor”, shares good news: organizations can decrease turnover by selecting the right people from the start. In the article, “Three Ways to Hire the Right Employee”, Craig details techniques to screen job candidates in order to recruit and hire the engaged employees that are critical to any organization’s success. The first tactic, behavioral-based interviewing, is designed to elicit examples of prior engagement from candidates. Peer interviewing, the second reviewed tactic, screens for cultural fit. A final suggestion states that standards of behavior that reflect your organization’s mission, vision, and values should be front and center in the interview process.

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