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Message From Our President

As Studer Group coaches Vikki Choate and Colleen McCrory remind us in the lead article "Why Nice Is Not Enough" (page 2), clinicians don't come to work every day to improve scores. They show up to make a difference in the lives of their patients by improving health outcomes. That's why Studer Group focuses on engaging every healthcare stakeholder - leaders, employees, clinicians, and patients - to improve both clinical and operational outcomes. Since our inception, we've worked to improve experience, to ensure higher quality and deliver better results, and it's why we're excited to share leading practices from our partner healthcare organizations who are achieving just that.

On page 5, CNO Ingrid Cheslek provides some inspiration on how to connect to clinical quality by sharing tips and best practices from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's journey to high reliability. You'll also hear from The Joint Commission's Mark Pelletier on how TJC standards support patient experience on page 8.

Also, don't miss "Communicating the Patient Agenda" (page 6), where leaders share how they're using specific Studer Group tools and tactics to hardwire consistent communication, connect to purpose, and validate behaviors that sustain results.

And finally, see page 9 for our update on OAS CAHPS. With public reporting beginning in 2018, stay informed on what matters most. In fact, visit FireStarterPublishing.com for more information or to order your copy of the just-released OAS CAHPS Compendium: A Guidebook for Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes Across the Ambulatory Surgery Continuum. Authored by five Studer Group coaches and experts with perioperative expertise, this concise collection of key information provides what you need to know right now.

It all comes back to making healthcare better. We know that's your passion and your calling. The same is true for our team and it's why we believe when we work together, we can transform healthcare for employees, clinicians, and the patients we serve.

Yours in service,

Debbie Ritchie
  • Debbie Ritchie

    Debbie Ritchie

    Business Unit Leader and Managing Director

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