Hardwired Results 26 | Excellence in the Emergency Department

Message From Our President

For many individuals seeking care, the emergency department (ED) is setting the tone for the first patient experience; it's critical. And yet, it can be difficult for healthcare providers to make a great first impression when faced with access challenges and other demands. The ED is also often the frontline, managing surges in emergent patients due to everything from seasonal flues to unexpected trauma.

The good news: Many EDs around the country are excelling despite the challenges. They're leveraging excellent leadership, improved training and focused development of physicians, clinicians and staff, along with improved systems and processes, teamwork, agility and more.

In this issue of Hardwired Results, we share some leading practices from healthcare organizations doing things differently in the ED and seeing positive outcomes as a result. In "Just Say No to Boarding in the Emergency Department," Studer Group ED experts share seven ways to solve the patient boarding burden.

You'll also hear from Studer Group's Executive Medical Director Dan Smith, MD on how to make a meaningful difference against the opioid epidemic gripping our country today. (And, don't miss Dan's in-depth podcast on this topic too; see page 13 for details.)

Looking for practical advice on mastering financial pain points in the ED? Gain advice from our panel of experts on how to boost productivity, get trauma-certified and optimize clinical documentation.

The emergency department experience is also helping to define reputation and brand. At Studer Group, we're passionate about developing high-performing leaders who can positively impact organizations and communities. We recognize our commitment must extend beyond the ED and the hospital setting. That's why we are equally committed to pre-and post-acute settings and extending our reach to serve boards, foundations, and associations across healthcare, education and communities.

We're partnering with local school boards, education sectors (both K-12 and higher education), local businesses, veterinarian clinics and other organizations seeking better performance outcomes. We'd be happy to share how we're expanding our knowledge, tools, and leadership principles to improve results and reputation, create better a brand and build stronger and healthier communities. I invite you to contact me directly at DebbieRitchie@studergroup.com to learn more.

Debbie Ritchie
  • Debbie Ritchie

    Debbie Ritchie

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