Case Study

How One Rehabilitation Hospital Nearly Doubled Employee Engagement

Post-acute case study: here are the tools used by a 395-bed rehab facility for improving employee engagement.

The Challenge

While this 395-bed acute facility in the Midwest was well known for its exceptional patient experience, employee engagement hovered near the 50th percentile. After solidifying the organization’s reputation as a top provider for rehab services, leaders wanted the organization to also be recognized as providing an exceptional working environment for employees and clinicians.

Post-acute case study: here is the challenge a 395-bed rehab facility faced when it wanted to improve engagement.

The Tools

  • Hardwired use of three specific tactics to drive engagement: rounding on employees, stoplight reports and thank you notes for reward and recognition.
  • Implemented Senior Leader Rounding and created employee forums as a way to harvest feedback and improve engagement.
  • Leveraged High Solid Low Conversations to manage low performer behavior.
  • Recently began Nurse Leader Rounding and Hourly Rounding® to ensure patient experience continually improves and scores remain in the top decile.
Post-acute case study: here are the results from a 395-bed rehab facility who sought to improve employee engagement.

The Results

  • Between 2015 and 2018, employee engagement reached the 90th percentile.
  • In three years, inpatient beds more than doubled due to growth.
  • Patient experience continues to score consistently above the 90th percentile.
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