Posted June 23, 2015

MyRounding: How One CEO Saved 78 Hours a Year (That’s Almost Two Weeks!)

Rounding for Outcomes is a foundational tactic that Studer Group coaches have been implementing and hardwiring in healthcare organizations for more than a decade. It has proven to be the most effective way to collect vital information, reward and recognize behavior, build relationships, and validate key behaviors for safety. Rounding is at the very heart of developing high employee engagement which in turn, drives better results.

Kim Bordenkircher, CEO of Henry County Hospital in Napoleon, OH, has been rounding on staff for most of her career. For years, she’s been capturing important information and validating her rounding through the use of a rounding log. The logs allow Kim to recall details from previous rounding sessions, relate back to any issues identified and capture “wins” for reward and recognition.

At Studer Group, we’re always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes. That was the goal behind MyRounding, a software-based application. MyRounding offers flexible technology that allows leaders to customize rounding templates, pull instant reports, escalate issues identified during rounding and much more.

What’s more, it’s proven to save leaders valuable time. “In the past when I would round on the weekend, I would have to allot 1.5 hours for documenting rounding, sending needed emails, and so on,” says Bordenkircher. With the use of MyRounding, Bordenkircher says “Now when I am done rounding, I am done.”

Some of the additional benefits of MyRounding Bordenkircher lists:

  • Easier documentation and follow-up
  • Assures standardization
  • Instant notifications from other leaders rounding on important items I need to be aware of or act on quickly.
  • Data reports that allow me to quickly see which leaders are consistently rounding, how many individuals were rounding on, what needs follow up, and so on.
  • Flexibility - especially the ability to create customized rounding templates for different types of rounding (e.g. new employees vs. tenured)
It’s time to throw away your paper rounding logs and take your rounding to the next level. It’s time to ensure questions being asked and actions taken have evolved with the state of healthcare and the goals of your organization. It’s time for information-driven rounding. Learn more about product features and connect with a rounding expert at studergroup.com/rounding.


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