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How Physicians and Employee Engagement Lead to Better Patient Experience with CG CAHPS (webinar slides)

Video: Individualized Patient Care in Medical Practice* - In this 10 minute video, Holly Adams walks through a case study on implementation and early success of Individualized Patient Care in a medical practice setting.
*This tool is available exclusively to Studer Group partners and must be accessed in the Learning Lab.

The CG CAHPS At-A-Glance – This documents provides an overview of the external healthcare environment as it relates to the medical practice setting, explains the CG CAHPS survey questions, and shares some practical evidence-based tools to drive results and improve the patient experience.

Articles, Insights and Whitepapers:
CG CAHPS: Improving Access and Responsiveness to Patients – A two-part series focused on CG CAHPS questions related to the access composite. Part one addresses how to efficiently and effectively manage patient phone calls through call tracking and the use of AIDET®. Part two provides guidance and example scripts for leveraging the Electronic Health Record (EHR) portal as a way to improve access and responsiveness to patients.

It’s About the Conversation: Using the INVEST Framework to Connect and Provide Feedback by Dan Smith, MD, FACEP – For those that lead physicians, this Insight explores the INVEST framework and other strategies for communicating performance data in way that is meaningful to physicians and drives behavioral and practice alignment.

CG CAHPS 101: Three High Impact Tactics for Better Results by Matthew Bates, MPH and Jeff Morris, MD, MBA, FACS

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Software Accelerators:
Patient Call ManagerSM: The Clinical Call System - Watch a 2-minute video on the power of staying connected to patient and how Studer Group and our partners meeting the challenge.

The CG CAHPS Handbook is a step-by-step guide to understanding the survey and improving results. The book explains each core question followed by detailed examples of the tactics that make “always” responses more likely. Order your copy at

Partner Tools:
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