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Leveraging Evidence-Based Leadership to Drive Lean & Organizational Improvement (webinar slides)

AIDET® Key Words at Key Times - Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank You (AIDET®) is a powerful communication tool.

Articles, Insights and Whitepapers:
Achieving Organizational Alignment through an Objective Evaluation Tool - Read for a snapshot of how several organizations used an objective evaluation tool to impact areas ranging from increased cash flow to improved HCAHPS survey scores in the domain of Pain Management.

Five Ways to Create a Culture of Engagement - Engaged employees are harder working, more innovative, and better equipped (and willing) to solve problems. Get five tips to improve employee engagement today.

Hardwired Results® - Studer Group's quarterly magazine for healthcare executives and directors takes a deep dive into the tough issues leaders are facing across the continuum of care.

Taking Lean to the Next Level with Evidence-Based Leadership by Clay Linkous, MBA, FACHE

Join us at Studer Conferences and gain new and practical skills that match the demands of healthcare today.

Software Accelerators:
The Leader Evaluation Manager® aligns individual leaders and resources to an organization's goals.

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Is your organization a Studer Group partner? The Learning Lab provides access to best practices that have been harvested, tested, and refined from hundreds of healthcare organizations across America.

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