Employee Engagement In Healthcare

Decades of experience have taught us that if you engage your people around your mission and your strategy, results will fall into place. At Studer Group we specialize in coaching health systems, community hospitals and physician organizations on how to increase employee engagement.

The financial and safety benefits of high employee engagement are well known:

  • Engaged employees are less likely to find "work-arounds" for safety procedures
  • High employee engagement reduces turnover
  • Organizations who sustain excellence share a common trait of engaged employees

Ultimately, engagement of all stakeholders - patients, leaders, clinicians and employees - is the human dimension of healthcare transformation that the industry needs now more than ever.

Building Employee Engagement

Where Studer Group flourishes is in helping organizations combine the passion and commitment their employees have for making a difference with evidence-based practices that improve outcomes. Evidence-Based LeadershipSM, Studer Group's leadership operating system, was built to achieve the level of engagement, and a number of other vital functions, that drive breakthrough improvement and sustained results.

Studer Group coaches organizations to execute a series of evidence-based practices or Must Haves®. Employee engagement surveys, employee forums, employee selection, highmiddlelow® performance evaluation and thank you notes are several tactics. In addition, one of the most powerful tools for driving employee engagement is rounding for outcomes.

Popular Employee Engagement Resources

Employee Survey Rollout

Toolkit with key words for rolling out results from an employee engagement survey.

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highmiddlelow® Tool

Differentiate between traits of high, middle and low performers.

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Engagement Matters

Brief video explaining what highly engaged employees do differently.

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Low Performing Bosses

What to do if your boss is a low performer.

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Employee Forums

To-do list for hosting effective employee forums.

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Insights on Engagement

Listing of Insights related to employee engagement strategies.

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