Operational Efficiency

Huron offers a single solution that accommodates rounding needs, checklists, audits and general surveys. This cloud-based, multiplatform technology results in an application that replaces paper and provides:


  Detailed Reporting: The application helps organizations easily collect quality, safety, satisfaction, and other audit and compliance data for analysis and reporting.
Integration: The solution integrates with various systems in place such as HRIS, Recognition, EMR and Ticketing Dashboards.
  Mobile-enablement: Tool is available on any mobile (or desktop) device, enabling convenient access to data anywhere.
Customer Spotlight
“When we were doing them (rounds) on paper, it could take a month or longer to analyze data but now we have users entering the information themselves and we can look at it quickly…Huron Rounding has helped improve communication and data capture.”


Director of Infection Prevention, California