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Improve Post-Acute Care with Hourly Rounds

Posted October 10, 2018

Post-acute care organizations are challenged with high employee turnover and tight staffing, all while expected to deliver quality patient care. It may sound like a contradiction but increasing staff interactions through hourly rounds can help employees proactively meet patient needs - and save time.

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Senior Leader Rounding That Makes a Difference: Rounding on Patients in the ED

Posted March 30, 2015

This insight shares Studer Group’s practice of Senior Leader Rounding on patients admitted through the Emergency Department (ED). The purpose is to better understand how well patients perceived their experience in the ED, as well as their transition to being an admitted inpatient.

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Impacting Patient Experience through Upfront Collections

By Daniel Rabideaux, MAOM

Posted January 21, 2015

In the past, we’ve had a tendency to think of individuals in two different groups: the mission-driven (that’s most of us) and the margin-driven (those who are keenly focused on financials). In reality, there really aren’t two separate groups. We can’t have mission without margin. Each makes the other possible. Regardless of our role within the organization, we all got into healthcare because we have a passion to help people and make a difference.

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Using Leader Rounding on Patients in the Emergency Department to Coach Staff

By Karen Smith, MSN, RN, CEN, NE-BC

Posted October 02, 2014

We rarely encounter organizations that aren’t doing some sort of rounding. What we find, however, is that some leaders are simply “checking off” rounding on their to-do list, rather than completing rounding with passion and purpose. When done accurately and consistently, rounding is proven to be the best way to collect vital information, build relationships, engage staff and improve performance. It’s also a great way to validate key behaviors are taking place.

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