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Celebrating What’s RIGHT in Healthcare

Posted June 08, 2017

What's Right in Health Care® is Studer Group's annual conference on leading practices. The spotlight is on high-performing healthcare organizations that are making major clinical and operational improvements, and sustaining these results over time. Get a glimpse of what happened at the 2016 event and get ready for the next event to be held in August 2017.

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Merger Success and Culture: Lessons Learned from Healthcare Leaders

Posted February 21, 2017

Healthcare leaders joined Studer Group for a round table event discussing how to make mergers succeed. These are their thoughts.

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Discovering the Principles that Bring Diverse Ideas Together to Drive Healthcare Improvement

Posted January 27, 2017

This seventh and final installment in our series on What's Right in Health Care considers some of the core principles that link together the diverse and often highly complex ideas presented and discussed. It builds on Part 6, our previous installment, which examined the "why" that underlies all that we do in healthcare.    

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Managing the Rapid Pace of Change and Disruption in Healthcare

Posted January 17, 2017

What's Right in Health Care® 2016 brought more than 1,200 clinicians and healthcare leaders together at what has become one of the largest peer-to-peer learning venues in healthcare. It's impossible to bring this many of healthcare's high-performers together without discussing the rapid and relentless pace of change in healthcare today. 

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Building High Reliability Organizations (HROs) in Healthcare

Posted January 13, 2017

The challenge of building high reliability organizations (HROs) in healthcare was a hot topic at What's Right in Health Care® 2016. It's also the focus of Part 3 of our 7-part series on the 2016 edition of one of healthcare's largest conferences. Previously, we reviewed insights and ideas from healthcare leaders  who have been making important strides in staff and physician engagement. Part 4 will look at the rapid pace of change and disruption in healthcare  - another hot topic at What's Right in Health Care 2016.

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Engagement Ideas and Insights from Leading Healthcare Organizations

Posted January 10, 2017

This second installment of our 7-part series on What's Right in Health Care® 2016 includes a list of high-performing healthcare organizations featured at the conference that are using engagement strategies and tactics to drive performance improvement. Part 1 provided a conference overview  and Part 3 will look at the challenging and rapidly emerging area of high reliability in healthcare .

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What Does it Mean to Really Engage Employees, Physicians and Patients?

Posted January 06, 2017

Get an overview of the What's Right in Health Care® 2016 conference with part 1 of a 7-part Insight series and discover what it truly means to engage employees, physicians and patients. 

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Physician Engagement, Alignment and Leadership

Posted October 21, 2016

Learn what leaders from three Canadian healthcare organizations are doing to provide the best patient care - the starting point for organizational improvement.

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Comfort and Pain: Perspectives in the Era of the Opioid Epidemic

Posted August 22, 2016

Gain perspective from practicing physicians on how to address patient comfort and pain levels while mitigating opioid issues. 

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The Patient Experience: Does this Really Matter?

Posted May 19, 2016

Patient perception. CG CAHPS/HCAHPS. Voice of the consumer. Patient-centeredness. Communication skills. This short list includes just a few of the terms and tactics around patient experience. These previously uncommon phrases are now forefront in our healthcare playbook of goals and strategies.

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