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Better Together: Framework and Engine (Part Two)

Posted January 25, 2016

In a previous insight, we explored the first part of a two-tiered Studer Group solution to help organizations transform into a culture that achieves and sustains results with the Evidence-Based LeadershipSM (EBL) framework. In this second installment, we will explore (Tier 2) the Driving Performance Model as the engine that powers effective execution of framework components and how to deploy it.

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Q&A: How to Navigate Challenges in Rural Healthcare

By Jenny Fischer, JD, BSN, RN

Posted January 06, 2016

What is the most important issue facing rural hospitals right now? The statistics about the crisis in rural healthcare are by now well known, but no less troubling. Rural hospitals are closing at a faster rate than any time in the past, and close to 300 of these hospitals are on the brink of closure. The National Rural Healthcare Association estimates that these closures would result in the loss of 36,000 rural health care jobs and 50,000 rural community jobs, causing a $10.6 billion loss to the gross domestic product.1 Rural hospitals are disproportionately disadvantaged by many of the ongoing cuts to Medicare, including cuts to Medicare’s bad-debt program and disproportionate-share hospital payments. Sequestration hit rural areas with older populations especially hard. Federal legislation introduced in both chambers of Congress to alleviate some of these pressures on rural hospitals have received little attention and most likely have little chance of passage.2

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Q&A with Greg Paris: Accountability in the Rural Hospital

Posted January 21, 2015

We sat down with Greg Paris, a former rural hosptial CEO, to discuss how accountability differs in rural organizations from larger systems.

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What to do When Results Go South

Posted June 24, 2014

We’ve all been there. We decide as an organization that we want to roll out several new tactics to improve results, increase efficiencies and decrease variability. We get excited as we see some initial gains and progress toward our strategic goals. The organization seems to be operating more efficiently, and has even made significant changes to anchor viability for the future. Then several months in, we realize that results have become stagnant and in some areas, even start to take a downward turn. We’re forced to reevaluate what is getting in our way from achieving the results we desire.

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Accountability in an Era of Value-Based Purchasing

Posted July 24, 2013

Just as healthcare organizations have changed their mentality around accountability at the individual level, Studer Group® has evolved in our coaching. The Leader Evaluation process is foundational as part of our Evidence-Based LeadershipSM model, and as a result this is not just a "first year" activity.

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Key Attributes of Driving Performance

Posted May 30, 2012

When you visit the doctor, have you ever been given a treatment plan before they diagnose what caused the symptoms in the first place?Hopefully not. Yet I find that in healthcare we sometimes jump to the treatment of a problem before we have diagnosed the problem. We can be too quick to implement an idea because we are eager to achieve results faster. There is a great deal of pressure to perform faster and better in healthcare today. Not only do we want to fix a problem, we want to accomplish it in record time. You will find, however, that without a proper diagnosis, you cannot effectively treat the problem or sustain results.

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Are you holding leaders accountable for only 1/8 of the HCAHPS pie?

Posted October 05, 2011

As healthcare organizations shift to the new reality of value-based purchasing (VBP), HCAHPS results become more and more critical. Not only are results directly connected to Medicare (and increasingly private payer) reimbursement, they reflect the quality of the care you provide and serve as a barometer that demonstrates your organization's commitment to excellent patient care.

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Benchmarking 2.0: Taking It to the Next Level

Posted September 23, 2011

It's true that value-based purchasing is creating more urgency around improving quality results. But what really drives people is the realization that by adopting and hardwiring a particular best practice they're not just moving numbers up. They're saving lives.

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Minimize Last Minute Requests

Posted September 14, 2011

Handling excessive last-minute requests essentially comes down to planning. Sure, on occasion, a situation will pop up where a last-minute task has to be completed, but by and large, last-minute problems can be avoided when the right amount of planning is done on the front end.

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