How to differentiate your perioperative services

Specialized Perioperative Coaching

High-performing perioperative and ambulatory surgery facilities must differentiate themselves to keep their competitive edge. Those succeeding are focusing on reputation/market share, staff and provider engagement, and operational efficiency. But many still need help to identify how to achieve and sustain outcomes.

The Specialized Perioperative Coaching offering can help facilities realize improved surgical margins, higher patient revenue, less variability and lower turnover. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, the perioperative coaching team offers a customized work plan that details the principles and tactics needed to achieve and sustain agreed upon outcomes.

Some of the results you can expect include:

  • Finance: Improved surgical margin (revenue and expense ratio).
  • Growth: Higher patient revenue with an increase in market share.
  • People: Lower employee/provider turnover, higher employee and provider engagement and lower overtime and agency costs.

OAS CAHPS Connection

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Perioperative Coaching

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Tactics in Action

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