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Keeping Patients and Staff Engaged during Renovations

By Angie Esbenshade, RN, MSN, MBA, NE-BC

Posted September 16, 2016

During Emergency Department renovations, patient experience scores can take a hit. Angie Esbenshade, leader of Studer Group’s Emergency Services Team, takes a look at three strategies to combat and prevent these declines.

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Set Up to Step In: Closing the Gap in Leader Development

Posted September 01, 2016

Studer Group speaker Mark Noon, USAF discusses the leadership gap in healthcare and shares eight elements to set up talented employees with the right skills to step in to management or leadership roles. 

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Optimizing the Value of Advanced Practice Providers

Posted August 12, 2016

Chances are, you have already incorporated Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) into your healthcare team or you soon will. The prevalence of APPs is growing as an already over-burdened and under-supplied healthcare system navigates a rapidly expanding Medicare-eligible baby boomer population and the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This increased demand for services, coupled with an aging physician workforce, has resulted in an additional strain on resources and in challenges getting access to care.

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Four Outcomes of Great Leadership

Posted June 10, 2016

While behavior is important, I don’t think we can transform culture until we transform employee loyalty and engagement. We can’t transform employees until we transform leadership. So now that we’ve identified a few behaviors of good leadership, let’s look at the outcomes of adopting those behaviors. What happens if you are able to master those four characteristics? What’s in it for your employees?

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Four Behaviors of Great Leadership

Posted June 03, 2016

In this two-part insight on leadership, we’ll look at a study that was done in 2015 by the Gallup organization that defines four behaviors that great leaders possess. This first insight will delve into the actual behavioral characteristics.

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Honoring Nurses is a Year-Round Priority

Posted May 25, 2016

Day in and day out, nurses provide steadfast support and devotion in the care they give. While we celebrate Nurses Week in May each year, shining a spotlight on the work nurses do and showing our gratitude for the difference they make should be a year-round priority.

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Two Tactics to Elevate Patient Care and Frontline Staff Coaching

Posted May 11, 2016

In a post-Affordable Care Act environment more patients than ever before are accessing care through the emergency department. According to a May 2015 report by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), three-quarters of emergency physicians reported a rise in patient volume.1

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Managing Resistance to Rounding

Posted April 25, 2016

As a coach and speaker with Studer Group, I spend the majority of my time in the field working side-by-side with healthcare leaders each day. As we work together to implement new processes or tactics, I sometimes hear concerns about adding “one more thing” onto an already packed work day. The concern isn’t shared because they don’t see the value or understand the importance, it’s because they simply don’t know where they will find the time! Rounding is one such example.

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The Power of Thank You Notes in Healthcare

Posted March 10, 2016

Thank you notes are one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver reward and recognition, which in turn builds critical employee engagement. High-performing organizations realize that people are more engaged and more willing to go the extra mile when leaders frequently express their appreciation—verbally and/or in thank you notes.

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Are Your Perioperative Services a “Cut Above” and Ready for the Perioperative Surgical Home?

Posted September 21, 2015

Perioperative services are expensive, with high fixed costs related to both personnel and equipment. High-performing perioperative services - where patients feel their care is individualized, safe, and provided in a compassionate manner, coupled with practitioners having confidence in operational efficiency and quality professional and support services - can demonstrate a significant positive contribution to the facility’s operating margin. This not only provides straight dollars to the bottom line but also contributes by offsetting necessary, but at times, less profitable services.

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